About me

My name is Patrick Moriarty.  I am a forty something Irish man. I work for a Dutch NGO called the International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC for short- and for reasons that are too long and complicated to go into). But this blog is all my own and in no way represents IRC’s official opinion or position.

I am interested in a wide range of issues related to water, water and sanitation services, water resource management, water governance, action research for change,  etc. etc.  Actually, I’m interested in lots of other things too – but those are my main ‘professional’ interests at the moment – and the main subjects for blogging – however tangentially.

Patrick Moriarty

I curretly live in Accra, Ghana where I’ve been lucky enough to be based since mid 2008.

This is my first (semi) serious effort at blogging – we’ll see ….

4 Responses to “About me”
  1. Jonna says:


    My name is Jonna May and I too, am interested in working in Water and Sanitation. I was hoping you could give me any insight as to how to get started. I only have a bachelor’s dgree in biology, and I can’t seem to find any organizations willing to hire or train me because I have no prior experience. Plus I’m american, which doesn’t seem to help because most of the programs that deal with this are overseas. I’ve simply been web surfing, and educating myself, but I recognize my need to get some real training in the field. How does one do that? (without thousands of dollars for travel?)

  2. Brian Mathew says:

    Paddy Hi,

    For some reason my e-mails to moriarty@irc.org are bouncing, have they given you a new e-mail address?

    Best wishes

    Brian Mathew

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